Uber Mat by UberChic Beauty

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Introducing the Uber Mat by UberChic Beauty Are you tired of ruining every surface you use with acetone and polish? Do you have to wait F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to make reverse stamps or stamping decals using your one or two stamper heads? Well, not anymore. The Uber Mat by UberChic Beauty is brand new to the nail art world and is already turning heads. Take your nail art to the next level by experiencing the Uber Mat for yourself. What does it do? 1. Easily test out colour combos on your mat 2. Protect your table from stains and spills 3. Simple Cleanup: Acetone and Nail Polish Remover proof 4. Create easy peasy stamping decals 5. Reverse stamp like a boss 6. Super flexible for easy cleanup and storage 7. Makes you feel 20% more chic 8. We just put this in here because we know we haven’t covered everything you can do with this… What polishes work? For reverse stamping – we tested 3 different top coats and all worked flawlessly – even the fast drying ones. We tested H K Girl from Glisten and Glow, Sally Hansen Mega Shine and Out the Door by INM – all worked so try what you have to see if it works too! If you have polish that stains your stampers (like really, highly, extremely, very, very…very pigmented polish) – it may stain the mat. We found 99.5% of polishes work fine so if you’re worried just test a small part on the side to see if it does. Long Term Love: Do not let stamper heads (mostly the sticky ones) sit on it for an extended period of time (more than a few hours) as it may cause un-doable bubbling of the mat. We found this happen when you let the flat part of the head sit on the mat overnight. We’re thinking this is due to the oils that are found on some stamper heads. Tech Specs: It’s 16 inches wide by 12 inches tall so big enough for whatever nail craft you’d like to try.