5 piece rainbow glass paper set

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In our rainbow glass paper set you will receive 5 different coloured pieces of rainbow glass paper. Each piece measure 5 by 20 cm. Simply cut your chosen piece into small pieces before applying it t your nails with a dab of topcoat. Once you have finished your design seal it in with topcoat. This product can also be used with gel and acrylic.

The colours you receive are the following:

Red: Perfect for red, coral and orange bases ready for the summer months.

Pink: Great for those white and pink bases.

Green: Works well with green, turquoise, teal and blue bases.

Clear purple: A chameleon that blends into any base colour.

Clear blue: Another chameleon colour perfect for any base.

All colours can be used on any base colour to create fun effects. We can’t wait to see what you all create with the rainbow glass paper.