Hello Friends,

Here at She Sells Seashells we strive to provide the best experience for our customers and we understand that our old website could be very slow at times. So we have taken the plunge and moved to a new service which will make your shopping experience 100 times better.

So here are a list of things which are slightly different or have changed during the move:

User Accounts:

All customer details have been moved into the new store so your order history will remain intact.  To regain access to your account you simply need to signup with your existing email address and your account information will be linked to your new account.

Reward Points:

Unfortunately reward points we're not transferable during the move. In July we conducted a review of our reward package and found that only 5% of our customers actually used the points we offered. Because of this we made the decision to remove points from our offer and instead reinvest this into our pricing and postage to give all our customers a better value when shopping with us. If you  have any further questions feel free to drop us a message.


At current we are only shipping to the UK. However we are hoping to re-enable worldwide shipping on 12/10/17. If you need any of our products asap and don't live in the UK we can provide support and can manual place your order.

Update: EU now available also.


Hopefully you love our new store as much as we do and we hope you will bear with us while we add new products and adjust the design of the store. If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to get in touch as we love hearing your ideas.



Team She Sells Seashells